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       I create ® Parfums Oubliés ® without alcohol with essential oils of incense resins 100 % natural that I make myself. The creation of these incense perfumes, which are totally free of preservative, asks me a lot of time, work and constant attention. When I finally get the so wished result, I fill by hand the transparent vegetable capsules with these precious perfumes, one by one, slowly drop by drop...

       5 000 years ago, in the secret of the Egyptian temples, the priests elaborated natural perfumes without alcohol which for a long time were forgotten. As in this time, you can deposit on your body, as well as on your hair, these precious fragrances which wake up deep inside you fabulous reminiscences of sensuality.

       All my creations lead to amnesic perfumes, that is among the woody, vanilla and lemony notes there is a whole range of totally untranslatable perceptions which each can feel differently.

       I deliver on request the vegetable capsules 2.1 cms x 0.8 cms (0.5 ml) of ® Parfums Oubliés ® without alcohol, in a certificate of authenticity: it is a sheet A4 of laid brown kraft paper that I fold in different envelope shapes for the assortments and the selections. I sign and date the certificate by adding Your Name, then I hand emboss it with two dry stamps. Finally I put a black ink stamp with the graphic symbol of the mark ® Parfums Oubliés ® on the back of the assortments.

       Advice of use: open a vegetable capsule of ® Parfums Oubliés ® without alcohol to extract a drop of perfume on your forfinger. Then rub it well with your thumb to heat the perfume before depositing it behind your ears, your neck and your wrists. You can also extract the whole of one or two capsules of ® Parfums Oubliés ® without alcohol in the palm of your hand to rub it well with the other hand before passing them over all your body. Watch previously that your skin is exempt from quite different perfumed cosmetic product.

* Incense Natural Perfume *
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       Important remark: the first natural perfume is the one that the skin produces by releasing pheromones. Vegetable resins are very close to them by their composition. They respect them totally and glorify them by giving notes of head, heart and bottom different for every person. So ® Parfums Oubliés ® have absolutely nothing to do with traditional alcohol-based perfumes that kill pheromones, 50% of ® Parfums Oubliés ® come from your skin...

       The elaboration of ® Parfums Oubliés ® without alcohol asks me a lot of time, work and essential oils of incense resins. I needed more than 20 years of rescearches and passion to obtain this result. I create ® Parfums Oubliés ® without alcohol in very small quantities, with my hands, my heart and my soul...

       Each of my creations is unique and represents an artistic work: I am the only one to know the process of elaboration and to execute the work of the beginning till the end.

® Parfums Oubliés ® without Alcohol from the ® Grenier Impérial ® are unique creations designed with natural elements.
Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that they look like some honey, you should not swallow them.
So do not let children play with.

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* Incense Natural Perfumes *
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