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       I create my ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn, with complex assemblies of incense tree resins from around the world as well as with hard and healthy charcoals that do not contain additives for combustion. I grind everything in a porcelain mortar to obtain by this very unique process, without sawdust and without glue, my salt and incense dust which, once lit, produce smoke scrolls of 100% pure natural resins. Then I hand-fill the color vegetable capsules, one by one, with these precious and fragrant gray dusts. All my incense dust contains salt dust for a just and sweet combustion, they soothe and purify the place where you burn them and increase the vibratory rate of the people who are there...

       5 000 years ago, the Egyptians were already burning aromas in honor of the sun god. As at that time, you can embalm your home and perfume your clothes with these precious fragrances. The origin of the word perfume comes from the latin per fumum, through the smoke: it is therefore the smoke of incense resins that were the first perfumes of humanity.

       All my creations end up on amnesic perfumes, that is to say that among the woody, vanilla and lemony notes there is a whole range of totally untranslatable perceptions that everyone can feel differently.

       I deliver on request my vegetable capsules 2.1 cm x 0.8 cm (0.5 g) of ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn in a certificate of authenticity: it is an A4 sheet of laid kraft paper that I fold into different forms of envelope for assortments, the lots and discoveries. I sign and date the certificate by adding your first and last name, then I emboss it by hand with two dry stamps of my registrered trademarks ® Grenier Impérial ® and ® Parfums Oubliés ®. Finally I put a black ink stamp with the graphic symbol of the brand ® Poussières d'Encens ® on the back of the assortments and the lots.

* Lot 15 incense dust *
( Mix 5 Scents )

* Salt and incense burning Dust *
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Incense burning Dust

       Instructions for use: open a vegetable capsule of ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn, and pour the contents in the form of a cone, by rolling the capsule between your thumb and your index finger, in a censer reserved exclusively for this purpose. Light the tip for at least 5 seconds, so that the little ember is the size of a match head, and bring back to life a fragrance that is more than 5 000 years old.

       At the end mix well the ashes together as they still have ® Poussières d'Encens ® which will be burned during a next combustion. I takes at least the ashes produced by about twenty capsules for the censer to begin to give the best of itself.

       An aluminum pot of 10 grams corresponds to 20 capsules of ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn.

* Choice 1 Scent *
( from 10 to 100 grams )

* Salt and incense burning dust *
Delivery against Signature

Shipping within 48 H

       The elaboration of my ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn requires me a lot of time, work and incense resins. It took me more than 20 years of research and passion to achieve this result. I create on my own my ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn in very small quantities of 100 grams at the same time, with my hands, my heart and my soul...

       Each of my creations is unique and represents an artistic work: I am the only one who knows the process of elaboration and execute the work from beginning to end.

The ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn from ® Grenier Impérial ® are unique creations designed with natural elements.
But as any product appealing to the fire, use them in and on an appropriate support.
Never let them burn unattended and hold the children aside.

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